Tsiperus – signs and superstitions

cyperus signs and superstitions

There is an opinion that at the dawn of centuries, when men were engaged in hunting, women, observing the laws of nature, invented agriculture. So we can say that the love of indoor plants in women is developed at the genetic level. Today, when a woman is constantly busy at work, with children, chores around the house, there is simply not enough time to take care of indoor flowers. Therefore, unpretentious plants that do not require special attention are so popular. These include cyperus.

Tsiperus - a moisture-loving plant, known since ancient times. Even under the Egyptian pharaohs, the cyperus made papyrus, weaved baskets, built boats, and even enjoyed its edible roots. It is known that every houseplant, in addition to aesthetic pleasure, bears its energy. Therefore, many are wondering whether it is possible to keep the cyperus at home and the signs say that it is possible and necessary. There are a few superstitions about cyperus.

Signs about tsiperus

  1. It is believed that cyperus absorbs negative energy into the home, in exchange, improving the emotional background of his household. He is the best defender against evil words, thoughts, lies and cunning. Therefore, it is recommended to keep it in a house where too much and in vain say.
  2. Tsiperus is able to develop a craving for knowledge. If children are lazy to learn, you can simply put the cyperus in their room.
  3. Tsiperus elevates the mood, helps to cope with depression, develops intuition.
  4. The popular science of the correct organization of the home space confirms these signs. According to Feng Shui, cyperus is a guard at home. He protects the owner from betrayal, betrayal and deceit.
  5. Tsiperus not only watches the emotional atmosphere in the house, but also for physical. It kills harmful germs, cleans the air and the organism of its hosts. In addition, the cyperus is able to normalize sleep, to make it calm and useful. Therefore, if a person gets very tired during the day and does not get enough sleep, there's simply no way to find a better place for a cyperus than a bedroom!
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