People’s signs of the Ascension of Our Lord

popular signs for the ascension of the Lord

The Ascension of the Lord is one of the most important Orthodox holidays, which has special significance for Christians. It is celebrated on the fortieth day after Easter, traditionally on Thursday, and symbolizes the end of Jesus' earthly journey and the return to Heaven. Especially interesting are the signs and superstitions associated with the Ascension of the Lord.

Signs and superstitions for Ascension - what should beware of?

According to the beliefs, the night of the Ascension of the Lord was considered a nightingale, because these birds are singing louder than usual. And woe to him who dares to catch this bird - all next year will pass in tears and troubles.

The Ascension associated with the feast of tradition and signs said that it was impossible to clean the house, wash, visit the bath, engage in any kind of needlework, if there is no strict need for it.

It was considered a bad sign to refuse a request to a person in need. It was necessary to help the poor and poor, treat something or do something good.

There is one superstition associated with birch. Young girls wondered, twisting birch twigs into braids. According to the belief, whose twig does not wither until Pentecost, will be healthy and will marry this year. If wilted - the foreknowledge of illness or death of the one who curled.

People's signs of the Ascension of Our Lord

According to the popular signs with the Ascension there comes a real warmth and a full summer, there will be no more frosts.

The weather was particularly scrupulous on this day. A bad omen was considered to be rain on the Ascension, he promised a poor harvest year and cattle disease. And clear weather and sun were, on the contrary, the guarantee of a good harvest.

According to the belief, abundant dew falls on the Ascension of the Lord - hence, the earth is crying, escorting Christ to heaven. Young girls tried to wash themselves with this dew - the people thought that you can become a written beauty and soon get married.

Egg, razed by the hen to Ascension, under no pretext, did not eat, because according to the belief it had magical power. He was spoken and used as a charm.

ascension of the Lord of omens and superstition

Traditions, customs and signs for the Ascension of the Lord are very interesting and of great semantic significance. So on this holiday it was customary to bake cookies in the form of ladders of seven steps, symbolizing the way to heaven. Many believed that such a dish promotes career growth, if you eat cookies in the morning and wash with consecrated water.

Obligatory was the presence on the festive table of pies with onions, all the dishes were consecrated, ate themselves and treated the guests. The day was considered in some way a memorial, so the meal had a special significance for Orthodox people.

At the Ascension, one could turn to God and ask for fulfillment of the coveted desire. The main thing - not to ask for money and wealth, such a request the higher powers will not fulfill. An exception is the case when finance is needed for a good deed or treatment. According to the belief, everything you ask for is sure to come true. The Lord on this day hears everyone, even the lost sinner.

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