Lunar eclipse – signs

lunar eclipse signs

A few decades ago people were afraid of the Moon and associated with it many cataclysms and problems. First of all it concerned the lunar eclipse and its influence on people. In our time, science has described this natural phenomenon long ago and in detail, but superstitions from the past have remained.

Signs of the lunar eclipse

During the eclipse, it is not recommended to eat food and alcohol, since it is believed that this will cause bad habits. You can not enter into an intimate relationship, because conceived and born in a lunar eclipse people have an unfavorable fate. They may show the worst character traits, bad habits, and they can repeat the lives of relatives. It will not be possible to correct and change this state of affairs.

Another important point is a wedding in a lunar eclipse. Astrologers believe that this time is the most unfavorable period for marriage. There is an opinion that any union concluded on the day of the eclipse will end in parting.

Our ancestors believed that on the night of the lunar eclipse you can get rid of bad habits, evil eye and other negative influences. It was necessary an hour before the eclipse to drink a glass of purified water, and then take a contrast shower, changing water at least 5 times. At the same time, men had to finish the procedure with cold water, and women, on the contrary, were warm. After that light the candle and, looking at the flame, think about your life. Then look in the mirror and lie down on the bed so that the head goes to the North. Now try to look at yourself as if from the outside. Imagine that you are sick, smoking, experiencing something, that is, translate all existing problems into your "double". Then start compressing the image so that it dissolves into the air. Do not get up at once, lie down a little, and afterwards put out the candle and again take a contrast shower.

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