Visa to Trinidad and Tobago for Russians

Visa for Russians

The island exotic paradise of Trinidad and Tobago has a moderately loyal and moderately strict attitude towards tourists. If it is enough for Russian and Belarusian citizens to visit the country to submit a foreign passport, residents of Ukraine and Kazakhstan will have to sweat a little, collecting documents for issuing a permit. But for everyone it is important to remember, if you decide to spend another vacation on the island state, leave the camouflage outfit at home, since pseudo-military on the territory of the island is not allowed.

Visa obligations

In 2016, residents of Russia and Belarus are allowed to visit an exotic country without special permission, if the duration of the trip is no more than 14 days. But if they want to extend their vacation to them, as well as residents of neighboring countries, they will have to apply to the British Embassy for permission to enter Trinidad and Tobago.

In addition, every tourist should have a return ticket, hotel reservations, a British transit visa (since direct flights from Russia to the islands can not be made, transit to Trinidad and Tobago will pass through other countries), a completed migration card. If you recently visited countries with an epidemic of yellow fever, you will also need a certificate of vaccination against the disease.

General rules for issuing visas for Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

To obtain a visa to Trinidad and Tobago, Russians and residents of neighboring countries will need to collect a certain list of documents.

  1. International passport. The period of validity in it should not end in six months. It is important that the document has at least three free pages. It is important that you can paste a visa there.
  2. Questionnaire. To do this, visit the website of the UK Migration Service. After that, the document is printed and the manual section is put in the right section.
  3. Two color photos 3,5x4,5 sm.
  4. A document that can confirm the availability of funds to finance the trip, namely, an extract from the bank account, a photocopy of it, a receipt for wages. It is important that you can not confirm material prosperity if you present an ordinary certificate of currency exchange, cash, documents for real estate and personal property. But with the help of copies of these documents you can significantly increase the chances of obtaining a visa permit.
  5. Reference from the place of work with the indication of coordinates, position and salary, with the signature of the director and chief accountant.
  6. The individual entrepreneur needs a copy of the certificate of registration of the IP / PBUH and a certificate of registration with the tax authorities.
  7. A pensioner is obliged to copy the pension certificate, he will also need to take a certificate from the person's job that will finance the trip.
  8. The student will need a student card, a certificate stating that he is really studying, a certificate from the person's job that will finance the trip.
  9. A schoolboy will need a certificate stating that he is really studying, a certificate from the person's job that will finance the trip.
  10. Foreign passport of the old standard.
  11. An invitation with an indication of the dates of the trip, the purpose, the name of the hotel and other participants in the trip. It is also necessary to specify the date of birth of the satellites, record the number of their foreign document. Or you can use the hotel reservation confirmation.
  12. It is also necessary to provide a reservation or a copy of round-trip tickets.

Each of the listed documents must be presented in English or attached to them a translation. There is no need to certify the translation. All documents need to be photocopied. After you fill out the questionnaire, you will receive instructions to the post office with the address you need to appear for filing all the documents.

The procedure for issuing a visa to Trinidad and Tobago lasts from five to thirty working days. It is not known exactly how long the processing of applications will take. Everything will depend on the workload of the consulate and the efficiency of the migration service staff.

Visa fees

Payment for a visa to Trinidad and Tobago will be $ 83. If you need to send documents to the country's Foreign Ministry, an additional $ 116 can be taken from you. Payment is made electronically using credit and debit cards immediately after filling out the application form.

If there is a need to send documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country, the additional fee must be paid at the ticket office of the visa center.

Features of entry and exit from the country

Entry into Trinidad and Tobago

There are some features when entering Trinidad and Tobago. As reported by private travelers, border guards do not always know that citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus can enter the country without presenting a visa permit. Therefore, there are cases when there are difficulties associated with crossing the border.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is necessary to take a printout from the border service website where a list of countries allowing visa-free entry will be presented. And finally, remember that when you depart from Trinidad and Tobago with tourists, starting from the age of seven, a fee is collected, which is approximately $ 17.

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