Traditions of Montenegro

Traditions of Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country, the fate of which fell a lot of tests in the form of constant wars. Residents of the country are a proud, brave and freedom-loving people. The customs and traditions of Montenegro are closely connected with its history and trials, through which this mountainous country passed for centuries, as well as with its multinationality.

Most of the country's population consists of Montenegrins (43%), Serbs (32%), and Bosnians (8%). Coastal areas have been chosen for both permanent residence and for summer holidays by foreigners, among whom there are many Russians, Italians and Germans. Such a mixture of peoples has postponed the imprint on the culture of Montenegro, its traditions and customs.

Brief characteristic of Montenegrins

If you try to generalize all that is known about Montenegrins, you will get something like:

  1. Hospitality. Guests in Montenegro are met with a soul: a rich table with a lot of treats, attention and care. But even those who come should be polite: in Montenegro, owners are encouraged to give small gifts.
  2. Hospitality

  3. Slowness. A distinctive feature of local residents is calmness on the verge of slowness and slowness. There are even a lot of sayings that vividly characterize this character trait. For example: "A man is born tired and lives to rest" or "No one has died from rest". Such inscriptions often decorate souvenir products.
  4. Courage. This character trait is the main value of Montenegrins.
  5. Family. Montenegro deeply revered family traditions. All holidays and important events are celebrated in the family circle. If you suddenly need help, it is her members who will come to the rescue first.

What else do you need to know about the inhabitants?

Montenegro is deeply honored by history, observes traditions and customs that have come from the depths of centuries. So, for example, when meeting Montenegrins shake hands. Kisses and hugs, too, are not prohibited, but this is permissible only among close friends. The country is very fond of wine, but drunkards are not respected here. But most of the male residents are very respectful of smoking, there are a lot of smoking people on the streets, beaches, clubs. Montenegrins should not talk about national or religious enmity, but openness, the ability to support a conversation on secular topics are very welcome.

Summing up, we can say that it is not difficult to make friends and understand the inhabitants of Montenegro, knowing their customs and traditions. They are nice, friendly and positive people who are always happy to host guests.

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