Spanish Town

Spanish Town

Spanish Town is the former capital of Jamaica, located 20 km from the operating capital of the island, Kingston. This is one of the largest cities. It was founded in 1534, and until 1872 was the main city of the state. Due to the extremely successful location (Spanish Town is in the central part of the island), the city passed natural disasters, so many historical, cultural and architectural monuments of different epochs are preserved here in the best possible way, and the good-natured Spaniš-Town residents will gladly tell you about them.

general information

Once Spani-Town was known as a rather troubled, criminal city of Jamaica. This was due to the fact that in the hands of local residents accumulated a large number of weapons, and because of the shortage of jobs, people were forced to rob. After a special government program, "Arms in exchange for education" in the city has become much calmer, and only the largest prison in Jamaica in Spanish Town recalls this sad past.

In Spanish Taun, a whole bunch of religions - the inhabitants are divided into Catholics, Protestants, followers of African cults, and even more popular recently is the religious movement of Rastafari.

Spanish Town Attractions

Spanish Town is a city of contrasts. On the one hand, there is a deep trail from the colonial past: an ancient dam, magnificent gardens created by the hands of slaves, plantations of sugar cane. On the other hand, the city is proud of such buildings as the Rodney memorial, the cathedrals of St. Catherine and St. James, the Royal House, Belvedere estate.

In Spanish Town, as in all Jamaica, the richest natural resources: green forests, rivers through which locals organize mini-tours on bamboo rafts, numerous exotic plants and rare animals that can only be found in Jamaica.

Area St. Catherine's Cathedral

Spanish Town Hotels and Restaurants

Spanish Town has a relatively small number of hotels. Where there are more of them in neighboring Kingston, apartments and guest houses are also common here: Country Vibes, Home Away From Home and others.

You can taste local dishes in the restaurants Silver Bowl, Brancis, Tasti-Ltd, eat pizza - in Dominos pizzeria, and for fast-food lovers in the city there are several KFC restaurants.

Country Vibes Home Away From Home Eating in Silver Bowl


Spanish Town is not the best place for shopping. There is only one large shopping complex, but a large number of souvenir shops, markets, small shops. There you can buy everything that is famous for Jamaica: the legendary coffee "Blue Mountain", local rum, liqueurs, cigars, as well as exotic fruits and seafood.

The famous Jamaican coffee Souvenir shops

How to get to Spanish Town?

From the capital of Jamaica to Spanish Town, you can get on the intercity bus, or on a rented car or taxi.

To the tourist on a note

If you are already 25 years old, you have international rights and driving experience, then we advise you to rent a car in order to comfortably explore the island and its sights. On the island there is a left-hand traffic.

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