Not all tourists who come to Montenegro, strive to get to the large resorts. Some prefer the quiet seaside towns and fishing villages. One of these secluded places is the settlement of Bigovo, located between the largest resorts of Montenegro - Budva and Tivat.

History and features of Bigovo

This settlement is located in a small bay, in which it is protected from sea currents and winds. For a long time pirates and smugglers hid in the waters here. Later on the place of Bigovo a small fishing village was formed. The descendants of the first settlers still live here and are engaged in fishing. Gradually, the village turned into a resort village, which has recently been popular with tourists.

According to the population census conducted in Montenegro in 2003, only 114 people permanently reside in Bigovo. These are predominantly Serbs engaged in fishing.

Streets of Bigovo

Infrastructure and landmarks of the settlement of Bigovo

The resort settlement is surrounded by mountains covered with laurel and coniferous trees. There are no noisy tourist centers and nightclubs in Bigovo. Instead, fruit orchards and vineyards grow here. All this creates a calm atmosphere filled with unique flavors.

The beach in Bigovo is a concrete strip with a length of several tens of meters. Occasionally, concrete slabs are interrupted by rocky and large-sized plots. The water at the shore is clean, transparent and calm.

Entrance to the territory of the beach is free. Here you can use the following services:

  • parking for cars;
  • marina for private yachts;
  • renting sun loungers, umbrellas and fishing equipment.

Beach in Bigovo

There are cafes and restaurants on the territory of the village. The main attractions of Bigovo are the church of St. Nicholas and the Austro-Hungarian Grabovac fortress, built in the XIX century. There are also villas owned by the musician Goran Bregovic and the famous director Emir Kusturica.

Austro-Hungarian fortress Grabovac

Hotels in Beigovo

Despite the fact that the population of the village barely exceeds a hundred people, here literally at every step it is possible to rent an apartment, a room or an entire villa. At the same time, the service and prices for accommodation in Bigovo are pleasantly pleasing. The most popular are the following objects:

  • Apartments Bigovo Veljic;
  • Apartments Vesna;
  • Vila Lazarevic;
  • Studios Milosevic;
  • Villa Maestral.

Each of these hotels is located very close to the beach. Some of them have their own pool and a spacious terrace, which offers a breathtaking view of the coast. The cost of living here is approximately $ 19-29.

Hotel Villa Maestral

Restaurants in Bigovo

Just a few meters from the beach strip are restaurants, the most famous of which are Pod Volat and Grispolis. Tourists and residents of other cities of Montenegro come to Bigovo to taste fish soup - chorbu. This national Montenegrin dish, the recipe of which is passed on from generation to generation.

In addition to chorba, the restaurants of Bigovo serve fresh seafood, vegetables and fruits, local wine. Do not doubt the quality of the dishes, because, before you get on the table, all the products are thoroughly examined by the chef of the establishment.

Grispolis Restaurant

Recreation and entertainment in Bigovo

This fishing village should be visited by tourists, tired of the bustle and noise of the resort towns. Despite the quiet atmosphere, in Bigovo there are many options for an interesting pastime. You need to come here to:

  • bathe in crystal clear sea water;
  • to go in for diving or underwater hunting;
  • go sea fishing;
  • to go for a drive on kayaks or boats;
  • Enjoy the scenery from the mountain slopes.

Tourists, tired of a measured rest in Bigovo, can always visit the neighboring cities of Montenegro - the bustling Tivat or the ancient Kotor.

Picturesque appearance of Bigovo

How to get to Bigovo?

To relax in this tiny village, you need to go to the south-east of Montenegro, in the Kotor municipality. Bigovo is located near Kotor Bay, 16 km from Tivat and 24 km from Budva. With these cities it connects the road number 2 and the Adriatic Highway, following which the village can be reached in half an hour.

Approximately 20 minutes drive from Bigovo is one of the largest airports in Montenegro - Tivat. Here, flights of international airlines land, so it will not be difficult to get to the village.

Port of Begov

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