Tupac Shakur called the reason for their parting with Madonna

Tupac Shakur called the reason for their parting with Madonna

Western media claim that the late rapper Tupac Shakur, still one of the most influential hip-hop musicians in history, whose albums continue to sell successfully, who met with Madonna, abandoned her because of racial prejudice.

Interesting lot

In mid-July in the US for the auction Gotta Have Rock and Roll will be exhibited a message addressed to Tupac Shakur Madonna, who was his lover. A letter dated January 15, 1995, was written by him from prison, where he served time for hooliganism and violence.

Bidding for the lot will start at a starting rate of $ 100,000, which can increase significantly after the publication of the part of the letter in which a black rapper throws the pop queen, explaining the reasons for the sad decision.

Part of Tupac Shakur Madonna's personal letter

Part of Tupac Shakur Madonna's personal letter

Blatant letter

Tupac in his note, which only the winner of the auction can fully read, asking Madonna for forgiveness, worries about his popularity and image, meeting with a white woman, because a member of the African-American left-wing radical organization "Black Panthers" does not fit even in thoughts to share a bed with a representative of another race .

Madonna and Tupac Shakur (pictured in March 1993)

Madonna and Tupac Shakur

The quote from the letter says:

"If you were seen with a black man, this in no way would jeopardize your career, but, on the contrary, would make your image more interesting and open. For me, everything is different. Communication with white will mean the end of my career. Half of the people who made me who I am now will turn away from me. Please be very careful. Not all people are sincere, as they seem. The hearts of many overwhelm envy and evil. They will not hold out and will hurt you. "

Let's add that the romance between Shakur and Madonna began with their meeting at the Soul Train Music Awards in 1993 in Los Angeles. The couple hid their relationship, but could not restrain their feelings. Perhaps, love would prevail and prejudice, but in September 1996, the musician was shot.

Couple Madonna and Tupac Shakur

Madonna and Tupac Shakur

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