Scarlett Johansson’s new interview for a fresh Cosmopolitan issue

Scarlett Johansson's new interview for a fresh Cosmopolitan issue

A beautiful woman and a talented actress with a sonorous name! This is how the journalists talk about Scarlett Johansson, and we fully agree with them. The bright American star is again in the spotlight, because she is actively filming in movies that bring multi-million dollar revenues.
The girl appeared on the cover of the American edition of Cosmopolitan, showing a short haircut and a "corporate" seductive neckline. In an interview with reporters, Scarlett allowed herself to talk about delicate details of her personal life and even remembered the insane love that made her just lose her head.

- Even such fatal beauties as I can sometimes fall in love with the ears! True, this happened to me a very long time ago. There was a time when I was completely fascinated by a man. I was not myself and from time to time caught myself thinking: what am I doing? I realized that such relationships should be stopped, and as soon as possible, otherwise they can pull all the energy out of me, - the star opened up.

Meetings and partings

The actress briefly mentioned her marriage to Ryan Reynolds. She noticed that it is very difficult to build a harmonious relationship in an acting family, especially when both partners are actively building a career and there is competition between them.

Despite the unsuccessful experience of a three-year marriage, Scarlett took a chance and went back under the aisle. She is very happy in her relations with the French journalist Roman Doriak.

Urban rats and moving to Paris

"It seems to me that we are both real city rats." I grew up in New York, and my husband is in Paris. Probably, it's cool to live somewhere in the suburbs, but I have nothing to change the urban jungle! Moving to Paris, for the moment, is the best thing that has happened to me. Of course, there are certain problems. There are now three of us, and because of my work I have to carry my whole family (my husband and my one-year-old daughter Rose) to New York, then back to Paris. But I'm happy, - said the star of the films "She" and "Lucy".

Down with chauvinism!

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Scarlett spoke not only about her personal life, but also about her work. She raised the issue of unequal pay for women and male actors.

- About this began to speak Jennifer Lawrence. I support it, although, fortunately, I do not face serious discrimination. I honestly work and earn well, but I know that such a problem exists. I am sure that each of us faced a situation when we were underpaid, and this is not right. This is one of the issues of feminism and emancipation, "added Mrs. Johansson.

Even Hollywood divas do not have to lose their heads because of men Actors are always difficult to build relationships If one of them is more successful than the other, then the situation is even more difficult
I'm very lucky, I earn well and am proud that I, a woman, get with Scarlett Johansson secretly married Ryan Reynolds in 2008, and in 201 Despite the difficulties experienced, and Scarlett and Ryan after the divorce managed to find
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