Roman Bradley Cooper and Irina Sheik was a fake?

Roman Bradley Cooper and Irina Sheik was a fake?

Another beautiful pair has sunk into eternity. Irina Sheik and the famous American actor Bradley Cooper broke up. Such conclusions bloggers have done because the celebrities are no longer "glowing" in crowded places and at events. Neither the actor, nor Irina Sheik himself did not refute these rumors.

It is curious that a whole theory was immediately voiced, connected with Irina and her now-former lovers ...

A novel by appointment?

Irina Shake and football player Cristiano Ronaldo had a long romance. After that Irina comforted herself in the embrace of the star of "Bachelor Party in Vegas".

More and more, there are speculations that Ronaldo is actually gay, and the relationship with the bright and sexy model was just a cover for his true orientation. The Brazilian did this in order not to destroy his career and not to damage the reputation of his native football club.
The next guy was Shake Bradley Cooper, so it's possible to admit that he really prefers men!

Irina and Bradley looked happy together Passionate kiss in sight at all For Ronaldo, was Irina just a cover?
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