Rihanna decided to finally move to her lover

Rihanna decided to finally move to her lover

Recently it became known that Rihanna decided to move to the UK. The 29-year-old singer has decided to cross the ocean, and is going to live with her lover - billionaire Hassan Jameel. According to some reports, the couple became engaged a month ago. And, according to Rihanna herself, she took the decision to move a long time ago and, finally, it's time to implement the plan.

Rihanna with Hassan Jameel
In search of personal space

For the first time thoughts about the change of residence appeared at the singer in the last year, when in the beginning of summer she got acquainted with Jamil. He, although a native of Saudi Arabia, resides permanently in the English capital.

But, as it turned out, the desire to be closer to the beloved is not the only reason for the forthcoming move. Rihanna admits that life in Los Angeles, where she is under the constant supervision of fans and the camera's sight, is a bit burdensome for her. Once again in London, she realized that she could safely walk around the city, wearing her favorite hat and going down into the subway. Rihanna already has an apartment in the capital of Britain, however, according to the singer, now she is looking for a more impressive property to enjoy life together with Hassan.

Rihanna with his beloved friend Naomi Campbell

In addition, the stay of a star in London, even when Jamil is excessively busy with business, promises to be not boring. After all, as it turned out, two of her friends live in the UK - Naomi Campbell's top model and actress Kara Delevin.

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