Chris Brown talked about the stormy relationship with Rihanna and the reasons for their constant fights

Chris Brown talked about the stormy relationship with Rihanna and the reasons for their constant fights

The other day, a documentary about the musician, songwriter and actor Chris Brown, 28, appeared online. In the film "Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life" a lot of interesting moments from the biography of the celebrity are touched upon, but most of all the press and fans were interested in his words about the scandalous novel with the singer Rihanna.

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Chris Brown and Rihanna

The stars have always been very emotional relationships

His story about the ex-beloved Chris began with a little outlined the emotional situation in their pair. These are the words the musician said:

"I was very fond of Rihanna, but she" choked "me with her jealousy. For any reason, she arranged scenes, and such that I had bruises and scratches on my face. One evening, after another fight, we calmed down and sat down to talk. Then we came to the conclusion that this can not continue any longer. Because of such disassembly, we even had to cancel the concerts, because it was impossible to go on stage. Then we promised each other that there will not be more assault in our union. True, Rihanna did not last long. "

Brian told about the relationship with Rihanna

Next Chris told a case that occurred in the winter of 2009 at a party after the ceremony of Grammy. These are the words said Brown:

"After the solemn part, I and Rihanna went to a party. At first everything was fine, but the situation was marred by a completely absurd case. My friend came up to me with whom I had had sex, and said hello. Rihanna changed her face and began to talk about what she did not like when my ex-girlfriends came up to me. After the party, we got into my car and Rihanna rolled the real hysterics about my friend. And it was at this moment from the ex-girlfriend came SMS. Rihanna was furious. She grabbed my phone from me and threw it out the window, and after that she began to rush at me with her fists. Rihanna called me in every way, in such words that I can not reproduce it. I do not remember how much time I endured, but when I was sick of it, I punched her on the lip with my fist. Rihanna began to bleed. She stopped for a second, and then spat in my face. Then I hit her again, and after that I got out of the car to look for the phone. "

Rihanna and Brown had a difficult relationship

His story about the relationship with Rihanna Brown ends with these words:

"Every time I look at these eerie photos, on which my beloved is disfigured and all in blood, everything inside of me turns around. I can not forgive myself for what I did. Self-hatred is something I always experience when I see these pictures. "

Chris beat Rihanna

Chris beat Rihanna

There is another version of what happened

Despite Chris' rather clear explanations, the police officers who investigated and conducted the case of beating Rihanna are a completely different version. According to the police report, the singer entered the clinic with numerous head injuries. Her face was mutilated from being beaten beyond recognition. Rihanna was beaten to such an extent that she repeatedly lost consciousness. The court sentenced Brown to correctional labor, which amounted to 1,400 hours, and a term of 5 years probation.

According to Brown Rihanna, he was very jealous

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