Behind the mask of success, Rihanna hides the thoughts of love and motherhood

Behind the mask of success, Rihanna hides the thoughts of love and motherhood

The network has already appeared the cover of the June issue of Vogue and an excerpt from Rianna's candid interview, the 30-year-old singer shared her personal experiences, told about the loss of her brother, the boyfriend of a millionaire and the ex-lover, and the time to think about motherhood! The conversation was very intense, because besides the spiritual revelations, the singer took part in the photoset and even shot a video clip in which she shows how she is applying cosmetic means to the skin of her face.

Cover new number

Cover new number

About private life

Rihanna's personal life has long been the object of close attention from the paparazzi and fans. To date, it is known that the singer in a romantic relationship with Hassan Jameel, a businessman and millionaire from Saudi Arabia. The couple maximally protects themselves from interference by curious and even for Vogue, no exception was made. Although between the words, Rihanna said:

"In my previous relationship, I always felt guilty. For the fact that a lot of time I give to a person or vice versa I completely immerse myself in the work process. Now I'm in a harmonious relationship, my boyfriend inspires me and supports. "

The tabloid journalists could not help asking Rihanna about the relationship with ex-beloved Drake. First there were confessions of eternal love on the stage of the MTV Video Music Awards in 2016, then the beating and banning of the court to approach the singer, what has changed?

"We are extraneous to each other people. Not enemies or friends. "

Drake and Rihanna

Drake and Rihanna

About motherhood and chances to freeze eggs

The last year the singer has been repeatedly attributed to pregnancy because of jumps in weight and love for voluminous clothing, what does Rihanna think about it? The singer answers in a sarcastic manner and admits that she is now focused on career and personal relationships, not on children:

"I'm tired of this question and have started to wonder, maybe it's time to worry and freeze eggs?"

We admit that Rihanna now has a career peak, she is promoting her brand, touring, recording an album and only recently found a man who adores her. Is it worth hurry? According to the singer, she is now focused on creating strong relationships, but it's too early to talk about marriage and the birth of a child.

Photoset for fashion magazine

Photoset for fashion magazine

About the figure and love for yourself

Fans of the singer noticed that Rihanna has recovered significantly, and the love of three-dimensional things with a complex cut, has added an image of even heavier. Rihanna herself is quite pleased with her appearance and does not see a problem:

"I feel comfortable, and this is the main thing! I feel sexy, confident and do not chase the parameters of the Victoria's Secret models. What for? I accept my figure any and I feel confident in clothes of different cuts and in frank underwear! I need to be able to be objective, I know my own merits and demerits in the figure. "

About the loss of loved ones

On the last Christmas, Rihanna lost her cousin. Recall, the young man was killed during a shootout in Barbados. The most terrible thing in this story for the singer was that they saw each other on the eve and communicated:

"This story made me reconsider my view of life. We talked the night before, and I hugged him for the last time ... Now it's my ritual, I embrace everyone for goodbye, because tomorrow may not be. It was the hardest lesson in life: not to postpone anything for tomorrow, do not wait to say something of value to a close person. "

And, as we said at the beginning of the article, Rihanna shot for Vogue a beauty movie, where she showed the fans and readers of the fashionable gloss how she applies makeup. We share with you right now:

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