What does it mean “outing”? The loudest camping outs of stars

The loudest camping outs of stars

If several years ago the topic of same-sex relations was prohibited, in the modern world, thanks to the sexual revolution, the situation changed. Many people, without fear of condemnation of the public, declare their orientation. As for the CIS countries this subject remains hidden, many terms remain unknown.

What does "outing" mean?

This word is of English origin and in literal translation means disclosure. In pronouncing it, a person consciously recognizes others as belonging to a sexual minority or that his body does not correspond to consciousness. In order to understand what "cum-out" means, we note that lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people (LGBT) use this definition.

The term "kamba out", the meaning of which received a certain scientific basis, was well studied by the American psychologist E. Hooker. The woman thoroughly took up the study of this topic in the 50's. There is another similar term - an outreach, which is used when people disclose the fact of a person's belonging to sexual minorities in violent form without his consent.

Celebrities who made a camping out

Although modern society is liberated, not all are ready to disclose their secrets, especially given that there are still enough people who condemn homosexuals. Many public figures decide to declare their orientation to the world. Camping outs of celebrities is always loud and attracts the attention of the press and the public. Some people use this scandal for PR.

The loudest outing cuffing

Journalists and ordinary viewers are sure that many public people are homosexuals, just not all are ready to be frank on this topic. This is due to the high risk of loss of fans and fees. Of any rule there are exceptions, and some stars are still open to the public. Among all the confessions, there are stories that really shocked the public:

  1. Camping out Ronaldo. One news literally blew up the Internet, as it was reported that Ronaldo confessed his unconventional orientation. It happened during the "Real" match "Atletico Madrid", when the player of the rival team called Cristiano Ronaldo gay, to which he responded with a confession, adding that he is also rich. At the moment there was no official confirmation.
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  3. Camping out Jodie Foster. The well-known actress received two Oscars and Golden Globes, having played a huge number of roles. Only having decided to leave on the deserved rest, she has declared, that it is attracted by women. A year after the public recognition, Jody married a photographer A. Hedison.
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  5. Daniel Craig. About the actor known for the role of James Bond periodically there were rumors about his non-traditional orientation. The oil was poured into the fire by Daniel himself, who appeared with his friends in a gay club. Eyewitnesses say that they even saw a movie star kissing a man. At the moment, Daniel Craig has not officially gone out.
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  7. Jake Gyllenhaal. Rumors about the orientation of the actor appeared after he played gay. Real homosexuals claimed that only one of them could play so brilliantly. At the moment, Jake Gyllenhaal has not made an outing.
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  9. Robert Pattison. The actor, giving an interview to the Indian portal, said that more girls do not attract him, and he feels feelings for the man. Until now, millions of fans are trying to understand whether Robert Pattinson made a camping out or not, because this portal often produces "ducks".
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  11. Angelina Jolie. A talented actress who many times received the title of "the most beautiful woman", Angelina Jolie, whose outing was made in one of the interviews, is a bisexual.
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  13. Cumming out Ellen Page made at the LGBT ceremony, Time to Thrive, where the actress reported that she was tired of hiding her identity and suffering from public stereotypes.
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  15. Kristen Sewart. One of the magazines loved by many actress "Twilight Saga" frankly told about her bisexuality, but at the same time Outing Christie Stewart does not intend to do it, because she does not consider this a huge event.
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  17. Ricky Martin, the camping out of which became a shock to many, made a confession on its website. Today he brings up two sons and plans to start a family with his boyfriend.
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Cuming out of Russian celebrities

To the sexual minorities in Russia are hostile, therefore open statements are a rarity. People who still decided to take such a step, faced more with misunderstanding and condemnation. Some public persons with non-traditional orientation are even considered crazy.

  1. The most discussed outing Panin out, who took part in the show "Lie detector", where he responded to compromising questions, including his orientation. Alexei said that he is bisexual.
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  3. Among the singers, the most famous bisexual person is Eva Polna, the camping out of which has not surprised many fans. The singer said that she is in close relationship with her PR director Alexandra.
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  5. The daughter of Mikhail Efremov made an outing by writing in his social network a great post. Another girl admitted that she suffers from a split personality.
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  7. Outrageous actor Nikita Dzhigurda in an interview said that soon he should expect a sensation from him. After his divorce, everyone started talking about his orientation. Dzhigurda camping out did, but it concerned his psychological problems, not sexual inclinations.
  8. what does the cumming out mean?

Questions relating to the topic - what does the term "cumming out" mean, should not arise after the explanations received. Everyone deserves to live without limitations and limits, showing himself to be real, not being afraid of being stoned. People have different opinions about homosexuality, but to deny its existence is at least strange.

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