Sensation! 12 scientific proofs of the World Flood

The debate over whether there was a biblical flood actually or not has not abated for many years. Numerous studies have allowed scientists to provide a number of facts that can serve as evidence that this event still occurred.

One of the most famous biblical legends tells of the World Flood, which purportedly purged the Earth of sinful people. At the same time there are skeptics who believe that this is all an invention, and nothing of this has ever happened. Recently, scientists shocked the public, saying that they had found some evidence of a flood of the Bible.

1. Inexplicable underwater cities

unexplained underwater cities

Although the world ocean has not yet been fully explored, and not even half, many underwater cities and their remains have already been found. Interestingly, their age roughly coincides with the time of the flood. An example is the underwater city of Yonaguni, located off the coast of Okinawa. There are ancient legends telling about the underwater city, which is located in the same place. Scientists believe that the buildings were flooded as a result of the Flood.

2. Suitable number of people

suitable number of people

Another argument, which is used as evidence, indicates that if there was no flood, which practically nullified the population of the Earth, then today would be greatly increased the number of people living on the planet, as well as a huge number of graves. At the moment, the population is quite consistent with the scenario: once the population of the planet Earth was reduced to eight people.

3. Same story

same story

An analysis of the ancient scriptures has shown that in almost every civilization there are legends telling about the great flood that happened in the past. The fact that stories are similar in detail, even in those civilizations that have never been in contact with each other, is surprising.

4. Animals that wanted to escape

animals that wanted to escape

Scientists around the world on different continents high in the mountains find a huge number of skeletons of animals in an unusual mix that, apparently, climbed the mountains in order to save themselves from the advancing water.

5. The first created temple complex

the first created temple complex

This information can not be considered reliable, but this is a very popular assumption: there is a version that the Göbekli-Tepe complex was the first structure created after the Flood. On the walls of the temples with 12 thousand history, evidence was found for the existence of irrigation and agriculture.

6. Confirmation from China

confirmation from China

Interesting evidence of the Flood is associated with the Chinese language. There are hieroglyphs in it, which have a connection with the book of Genesis. For example, the word "ship" is composed of hieroglyphs, which denote such words: boat, eight, mouth. This can be deciphered, like eight mouths - eight people who survived the flood.

7. Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark

According to ancient texts, the ark after the Flood has come to earth in the territory of modern Turkey. At this point opposite Mount Ararat, David Allen found the remains that he had taken for the details of Noah's Ark. Interestingly, the dimensions do correspond to those that were described in the ancient texts. Among the local area where the discovery was made, is referred to as Naksuan - "Sion Noah." By the way, education became noticeable only at the end of 1940, after the earthquake struck.

8. Unique lists of Sumerian kings

unique lists of Sumerian kings

During the excavation of the ancient Sumer was found a relic, called "List of Sumerian kings." It lists the rulers who were at the head of the state before the alleged flood, and, most interestingly, they ruled for hundreds of years. A version was put forward that in those days rulers lived much longer than modern people. After the Flood the periods of reign became more realistic. There are scientists who believe that the Flood led to serious changes: it even affected the life expectancy of people.

9. Excavations of Noah's residence

excavations of the Nova residence

It is believed that the great Noah lived halfway between Babylon and Ur. A group of low mounds was discovered here, which were excavated in 1931. Scientists have determined that under them are the ruins of three cities: the upper one refers to the time of the third Ur dynasty, the middle one is the city of ancient Sumerians, and the lower one is antediluvian. The layer that belongs to the time of the flood is located between the middle and lower city, and consists of yellow mud, a mixture of sand and mud, which was definitely alluvial. There are no traces of human civilization here.

10. Presence of marine formations on land

presence of marine formations on land

In 2004, in the mountainous regions of Madagascar, special wedge-like structures, characteristic exclusively for the seabed, were discovered on land. They are formed as a result of water activity, for example, tsunami. Ecoarchists have carefully studied the area around Madagascar. They concluded that the wedge-shaped structures appeared due to large-scale flooding. It was also assumed that its cause is a shock crater under the Indian Ocean, which was formed due to the fall of the comet.

11. Communication of the aircraft carrier and the ark

carrier-ship communication

In the Book of Genesis, the process of building a famous vessel, which has an elongated shape, is described in sufficient detail: the ark was absolutely hermetic and stable. It is difficult to imagine that at that time a man could come up with a similar design for a unique ship. Apparently, there were more than a few tips. It is interesting that modern aircraft carriers have a similar design, so they are resistant to a storm.

12. Great and valuable scrolls

great and valuable scrolls

In 1940, scientists discovered mysterious writings, which they called "Dead Sea Scrolls". The analysis of the text was an opening, because it described the Great Deluge and the Ark, and in the smallest detail. By the way, scientists, based on this version, suggest that the ark had the shape of a pyramid.

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