How to develop a phenomenal memory?

how to develop a phenomenal memory

Psychologists divide memory into the visual, auditory and kinesthetic, however, most often all the analyzers participate in the memorization of something. The development of phenomenal memory is based on the training of these analyzers through various techniques, as well as the use of useful methods of remembering information.

How to develop a phenomenal memory with holotropic breathing?

The brain is the most active consumer of the resources of the human body. For his work requires a large number of calories and oxygen - about a quarter of what comes into the body. But if a person begins to overeat, his brain will not work better (quite the contrary), but an increased amount of oxygen improves memory and thinking.

The methodology of holotropic breathing was developed by the psychologist Stanislav Grof. It consists in the fact that a person takes a comfortable position and begins to breathe more deeply and actively. Saturation of the brain tissues with oxygen improves, which positively affects all processes. This technique was used by shamans to predict the future. In fact, they simply improved the processes of thinking.

How to make memory phenomenal with the help of cramming?

Cramming is remembering information without analyzing it. This way of teaching is not welcomed by teachers. But in fact, the cramming method is very useful for the brain - it is a kind of gymnastics that promotes the development of not only phenomenal memory, but also the improvement of other processes. You can memorize by heart poems, words of a foreign language - it does not matter what, the main thing is to do it regularly.

Phenomenal memory - popular methods of remembering information

Improving memory is also helped by various methods of memorization, which many people use without hesitation.

  1. Associations. For example, to remember a long phone number, it is broken into small parts and carries out some associations with the resulting figures. For example, in your phone number you can see holiday dates, birthdays, house and apartment numbers, etc.
  2. Mnemotechnology. For example, you need to remember a chain of unrelated words: a bench, a horse, an umbrella, ice cream. In this case, you need to submit a picture: on a bench under an umbrella a horse sits and eats ice cream. The brighter the picture, the better it will be remembered. The most famous example of this method is a well-known method for remembering the colors of the rainbow. Mnemotechnology is often used by doctors to memorize complex Latin names.
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