Yellow Tomatoes with Breastfeeding

yellow tomatoes with breastfeedingDue to restrictions that are directly related to the diet, often breastfeeding women are interested in the question of whether it is possible to eat yellow tomatoes during breastfeeding. Consider this vegetable and give an exhaustive answer to this question.

What is useful for lactation tomato?

The unique composition of this vegetable makes it simply an indispensable source of mineral compounds and vitamins. So in the tomato there are vitamins of group B, and also E, A and, of course, S.

Among the trace elements should be called potassium, calcium, iron, sodium. In addition, in tomato, organic acids are also present in sufficient quantities, among which the first place is occupied by folic acid.

Seeds contained inside the tomato, contribute to reducing the viscosity of the blood, which in turn is the prevention of such a violation as thrombosis.

Separately it is necessary to say about serotonin, which contributes to the stabilization of the nervous system, which is important after delivery. Tomato rind helps to improve peristaltic cuts of the intestine and prevents the appearance of constipation.

It should be noted that the yellow tomatoes in their composition, in comparison with the red ones, contain more B vitamins, and also contain less acids, which allows their mothers to use their stomach acid.

Are yellow tomatoes allowed for lactation?

Despite the fact that this variety of vegetables contains less pigment, and the risk of developing an allergic reaction in a baby decreases, do not use them until the crumb turns 3 months old.

All because of the fact that tomatoes can provoke the development of colic in the baby, which is always accompanied by pain in the tummy. As a result, the child becomes restless, constantly crying.

When there are 3 months from the moment of delivery, the mother can gradually introduce tomato into her diet. It is necessary to start with half a fruit or even a few pieces. Only after the woman is convinced of the lack of reaction from the baby's body, you can gradually increase the portion, bringing it up to 3-4 fruits a day.

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