Trimester of pregnancy by months

Trimester of pregnancy by monthsThe development of the child occurs on the basis of the months of pregnancy, specifically about this can be found in the relevant sources. In this article, we will briefly outline the most important information, because a woman who is pregnant for the first time often asks herself: trimester of pregnancy - how many months?

Physicians broke the time of bearing the baby at certain equal intervals, in order to clearly control the stages of development of the fetus on each of them. Trimester of pregnancy for convenience are divided into months, each divided into twelve weeks, i.e. 3 months.

You can find the pregnancy calendar by months, which in turn is divided into weeks. In medical practice, when registering and attending a woman's consultation, the pregnant woman is given a period in obstetric weeks.

First trimester - from start to 12 weeks

The very beginning of pregnancy the expectant mother may even miss, if she did not plan it in advance. After all, the changes in the body are still very small. After the delay of menstruation, the symptoms of an interesting situation start to show themselves more confidently - nausea appears, all the time you want to sleep, there are, many very often begin to run to the toilet - so the bladder responds to the changing hormonal background.

Closer to the end of the trimester, you can already notice the tummy. The chest increases slightly, and there are unpleasant sensations in it. It is important to know that the very first weeks when implantation occurs, pregnancy can be interrupted on the background of stress, cold or exercise. The second dangerous period is from 8 to 12 weeks - when miscarriage or frozen pregnancy is possible due to malformations in embryo development.

Second trimester - from 13 to 24 weeks

This period is the most calm and easy throughout pregnancy. Toxicosis has already been left in the past, problems with the weight of its own weight, sluggishness and swelling have not yet begun, and a woman can now fully enjoy her status.

Approximately at 17-20 weeks, the future mother begins to feel the first tremors of the baby, which within a few weeks become regular and intense. Of the unpleasant moments of this period, it is worth noting the appearance of heartburn, as well as possible manifestations of varicose veins.Child development by months of pregnancy

Third trimester - from 25 to 40 weeks

This is the most crucial time when the body gradually begins to prepare for childbirth. More and more often there are training fights and the woman should mentally prepare herself for the forthcoming work and meeting with the baby.

Now that the woman has already gained a lot of weight, the center of gravity is shifted and the pregnant woman becomes clumsy, which in turn can lead to falling and trauma, up to premature birth. Any painful feelings towards the end of the last trimester - this is an occasion to turn to the doctor, because this can begin birth, not waiting for the prescribed, forty weeks.

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