The death of the egg

oocyte deathAccording to the physiological characteristics of the female reproductive system, the death of the oocyte occurs 24, less than 48 hours after ovulation. However, some women who constantly measure basal temperature and lead a schedule often claim that a decrease in the value of this indicator in phase 2 of the cycle indicates that the egg is dying. Let's try to understand this issue.

What can the decrease of BT in the 2 nd phase mean?

Most often, a short-term decrease and a further increase in basal temperature can speak of an implantation process that occurs 7-10 days after conception. This process is accompanied by an increase in blood hormone levels of progesterone, which is associated with the onset of pregnancy.

In those cases when conception does not occur, after ovulation, after just 2 days, the basal temperature again decreases.

It is worth saying that the death of the egg on the BT chart is not reflected in any way, so it is impossible to know this fact in this way. The allegations of many women on this account are erroneous.

Why does an egg die?

In those cases when, 24 hours after the release from the follicle, the female germ cell does not meet the spermatozoon, the egg diesbegins its gradual death. The launch of this mechanism contributes to a sharp decrease in the concentration of the hormone progesterone. This is normal.

Separately it is necessary to say about such a violation, as the luteinization syndrome of the neovulatory follicle (FLN-syndrome). In this case, the follicle begins to turn into a yellow body (anatomical formation, synthesizing progesterone after ovulation) much earlier than a mature egg from it will come out. As a result, the death of the germ cell occurs and conception becomes impossible. With this violation, the woman's body needs a hormonal correction, which allows to solve the problem of the long absence of the coveted baby.

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