Inhalations with mineral water for children

inhalation with mineral water for children

Inhalations with mineral water - this is a fairly effective method of cough treatment, as well as a cold that is shown to both adults and children. After this procedure, accumulated sputum in the bronchi or nasal cavity dilutes and easily leaves the body outside. It should be noted that mineral water is a natural remedy, which minimizes the likelihood of any allergic reactions.

What kind of mineral water is best for inhalation?

Any alkaline mineral water should be used for inhalation. The best water is such as Narzan, Borjomi, Essentuki (No. 4 or No. 17). Prior to use, it is necessary to release gas from a bottle of "mineral water". To do this, the contents of the bottle are poured into a glass, mixed well with a spoon and allowed to stand for at least one hour.

How to do inhalation with "mineral water" for children?

In a normal pan, with a volume of approximately 250 ml, it is necessary to pour out the previously prepared mineral water. Then the water should be heated to 50 degrees. The child is tipped over a saucepan with a warm "mineral water" and covers his head with a towel. Inhalation of warm vapors of mineral water for children should be within 2-2.5 minutes. For faster achievement of a positive effect, repeat the procedure 3-4 times a day.

In addition, inhalations with mineral water can be carried out with a special ultrasonic inhaler.

Basic rules for inhalation with mineral water for children

  • It is prohibited to conduct inhalation at elevated body temperature;
  • do not use boiling water, because too hot steam can lead to burns of the upper respiratory tract and, at the same time, insufficiently warm water will not give the desired therapeutic effect;
  • during inhalation with mineral water with a cold, inhalation of warm steam is necessary exclusively through the nose, and inhalation for the treatment of cough in children, inhalation of the "mineral water" should be mainly through the mouth;
  • to carry out this procedure is necessary one hour after a meal, except for this, within an hour after inhalation, children are not recommended to drink and eat.
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