Breastfeeding during pregnancy

breastfeeding during pregnancyOften, women learn that they are waiting for the child again, a few months after the birth of the first baby. In such a situation, as a rule, a young mother seeks to stop lactation as soon as possible, although, in fact, it is absolutely not necessary to do this.

Meanwhile, in case of continuation of breastfeeding during pregnancy, it is necessary to take into account certain features of this process, which we will tell you about in our article.

Features of breastfeeding during pregnancy

The flow of two such processes, like pregnancy and lactation, simultaneously, in most cases is accompanied by the following changes:

  1. Under the influence of fluctuations in the hormonal background, the nipples and breasts of a young mother can become much more tender and sensitive. Very often, this causes severe pain during feeding of the older baby, who already has teeth. Despite the fact that this situation is considered absolutely normal, every woman should decide for herself whether she is ready to continue to suffer this pain, or it is better to wean the grown-up child from the chest so as not to experience negative emotions during the next pregnancy.
  2. In addition, on the threshold of an early delivery, the taste of breast milk can dramatically change, so the older child can refuse from it independently or try to achieve habitual milk with whims and hysterics. This is due to the fact that milk during this period turns into colostrum, so necessary for a newborn baby in the early days of his life.
  3. Finally, lactation during pregnancy can independently decrease under the influence of natural processes taking place in the body of a woman, as well as her psycho-emotional experiences that accompany the waiting period for a new life.

All these features, of course, can have an effect on whether a young mother will continue to breastfeed her grown-up offspring. However, if desired, they can survive if a woman does not want to deprive her son or daughter of a valuable drink.

Meanwhile, there are situations in which breastfeeding during pregnancy is strictly contraindicated. These include: Isthmiko-cervical insufficiency and suturing on the cervix, taking certain medications, gestosis, as well as abdominal pain of any kind that increase during feeding. In such circumstances, we must immediately excommunicate the older baby from the maternal breast.breastfeeding during pregnancy

How to stop lactation during pregnancy?

Of course, if there is an opportunity, it is best to wean the older baby from my mother's breast gradually. In this case, the process of cessation of feeding passes for the baby almost painlessly, and the amount of milk in the mammary glands of the woman also decreases in a natural way.

If you need to stop lactation immediately, you can use special medications, for example, "Dostinex," but only after a preliminary consultation with your doctor. Well proven and folk remedies - broths of sage and oregano, as well as garlic, but they are also not recommended to take without the appointment of a doctor.

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