Replacement of locks in the door: in which cases is required, and to whom to contact?


The front door is the outpost of the apartment, which must remain insurmountable for any unauthorized entry. A good steel door and a reliable lock system serve as a guarantee of security at the same time. Moreover, it is the castle that assumes protection against break-ins.

As practice shows, in certain life situations it is necessary to change locks, even those that faithfully and truthfully served for long years.

Who is involved in the replacement of locks at a professional level?

We recommend that you first find out who is urgently opening and installing new locks in your city. This will allow you to be ready in a force majeure situation and minimize discomfort.

It is desirable that the selected service work around the clock, quickly arrived at the call site with all the necessary tools and a wide range of locks for prompt replacement. In Moscow, such a company is the "New Castle" with the same site, where you can get all the necessary information.

Do not change the locks themselves or with the help of masters who do not give a guarantee for installation and components. Address to professionals with a reputation.

When should I replace the locks?

The simplest example is a critical breakdown of the castle or some part of it. As a rule, experts of emergency services either repair the lock, or change the "larva", or change the whole lock system. It all depends on the severity of the breakdown and the type of lock. Unfortunately, it is impossible to insure against failures, but you can reduce the likelihood of their occurrence by properly caring for the mechanisms - periodically lubricating and cleaning them from dust.

Often the replacement of locks is a necessary step after the keys to them have been lost. Why is it not recommended to make duplicate keys, and immediately change the lock or "larva"? The fact is that you should never exclude the fact of theft of keys by intruders who have been following your apartment for a long time. It is better to be safe and change the lock for a similar or more reliable model. It's inexpensive and fast.

Another frequent replacement is moving to a new apartment. Door locks from developers should be changed because of their low quality and low level of secrecy. Locks apartments in the secondary market should be changed for another reason - suddenly someone from the old tenants had his own set of keys.

Finally, to change the lock to a more modern, resistant to burglary, you can more secret if you have a high level of security in priority, and you want to improve it. Contact the specialists of profile services: they will tell you which locks to choose with your budget.

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