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The dark floor is a wonderful design move, aimed at making the interior even more chic and respectable. On the contrast of the dark and light it is very beneficial to play, making the room austere and noble. Of course, in doing so, you need to be able to correctly place the accents and choose the right color for walls, furniture and other interior details.

Advantages of dark parquet in the interior

First of all, immediately come associations with naturalness, with the dark earth under your feet. Especially strongly this should interest eco-style adherents.

Another design advantage is the ability to play with space. Visually, the dark floor can narrow the room, but as soon as you paint the walls in a light shade, the effect will turn out quite the opposite - the room will expand in front of the eyes. Especially if you choose a V-shaped parquet pattern.

Additional advantages of dark parquet are the respectability and rigor of the resulting design of the room. The beauty and style of such flooring never goes out of fashion and does not lose relevance.

Shades of dark parquet

Dark parquet does not mean that the floor is always completely black. There are many other shades. For example, dark brown parquet gives a lot of interesting opportunities, even depending on how the light falls on it. The brown floor is suitable for both classic style and modern minimalism.

Dark gray parquet gives the room a special refinement. Refined gray shades create a unique atmosphere of relaxation and coolness.

Dark maroon floors are also an excellent option, especially in combination with yellow, sandy colors in the rest of the room.

Black floor is an elegant solution for decorating a room in a minimalist style. At the same time, you should try to add more light colors to the room - in furniture upholstery, wall decoration, textiles.

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