Carved ceilings

Carved ceilings

Previously, there were no stretch fabrics, photo prints, gypsum boards or PVC panels. The decoration of the premises was carried out exclusively by natural materials in the form of whitewashing or installation of decorative wooden structures. But even now there are connoisseurs of eco-style, who prefer natural wood to decorations made of polymers or chrome-plated metal. Here we want to briefly touch on the use in the design of carved ceilings, which always interested connoisseurs of beauty.

Wooden carved ceiling

Skilled wood carving is usually associated with a countryman with village huts or boyar houses, but it is very successfully used in many folk and historical styles, as well as in modern decoration. Of course, patterns in different countries have their own national differences, Arab motifs are strikingly different from the drawings that decorate the cathedrals and palaces of Western Europe. Undoubtedly, the change of historical epochs also always affected the appearance of jewelry.

If you want to decorate a room in the style of Gothic, it is desirable to use religious motifs and rich decor in gold shades. Baroque carving is characterized by rounded shapes, smooth curves, symmetry. When creating patterns, it is worth moving away from the strict geometry of the previous era, which caused a solemn cold. Beautiful rooms look in Empire style, where military symbols are welcomed. Walls and carved ceilings are decorated with laurel wreaths, decorative details in the form of armor or weapons, various emblems on the appropriate subject. Carved items in the Rococo style are made in the form of vines, curly flower garlands, covered with gilding and bronze, there is a mythological and erotic theme.

Carved ceilings of modern materials

Few now independently own the technique of carving, so it's easier to use finished decorative panels in decoration. Similar blanks are made in specialized workshops to order, having preliminary made in the client's house all the necessary measurements. Similar designs consist of a base and wooden relief strips, which are patterned with your chosen elegant pattern. Ceiling panels made from standard wood have a rectangular or square shape. This cladding is quite suitable for country style, chalet, provence, Russian country style. In addition, stylish carved wood ceilings with original lighting are very good looking in the business office or library, they will turn this room into the highlight of your manor or apartment.

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