Vintage image

vintage image

Not all modern girls respect the vintage style, despite its popularity in the fashion world. Someone considers such clothes as the grandmother's arsenal. But there are those who prefer vintage images, as the main style for themselves. Let's see what trends are related to this unusual direction and what are its main features?

Vintage image in clothes

First of all, it is worth noting that the image in the vintage style implies the presence of clothing only design models. That is, the factory styles of large-scale production will not convey the whole idea of ​​sophistication and sophistication. The most popular garment for women's vintage image are dresses. The model itself can be chosen from fashion collections, from the 10th to the 80th years of the last century. Thus, vintage dresses are emphasized, emphasizing femininity - an adjacent coquette, a distinguished waist zone, a flying skirt or a narrowed hem midi. Today, similar styles are also represented in the latest collections. However, modern dresses a-la the last century contain only relevant for that time patterns. Finishing is modernized. For vintage images are characteristic starched collars, extended sleeves, delicate elements.

A vintage image can be created with the help of a beautiful bell-skirt of moderate length, a narrow model in the floor, a half-sun. To these feminine garments is to choose a gentle blouse with a wide sleeve or a fitted jacket of tweed.

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Vintage image and accessories

An integral part of the vintage image is the availability of accessories. Necessarily in the hands of the girl must be a laconic handbag. As a rule, this is a neat model of small or medium size on a short handle. A popular addition to the image in the vintage style are gloves. This accessory will not be a functional subject of the wardrobe, but only a decorative one. But it is the gloves that add a touch of mystery and a light charm to the whole bow. Another popular accessory for the image in the style of vintage steel women's hats. Today, these models are made of felt in a trilby fashion or a bowler.

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