Vest of a fox

vest of a fox

A stylish and beautiful fur vest of fox fur is not a tribute to fashion, but quite self-sufficient and practical thing that will beautify every woman. Only a few can refuse such luxury, and solely for ideological reasons. All the rest only have to choose the right style and length of the fur garment from the fox, in order to harmoniously fit it into your image.

Features of cutting fashionable vests from fox

The advantages of clothes made from natural fur were appreciated by mankind in ancient times. Even then, with the help of fur products, people not only avoided cold weather, but also stressed their status and position of society. It can be said that little has changed since then. Today, such a thing as a vest of fur fox also indicates a good taste and a stable financial situation. Of course, a fox is not a sable or a mink, but it costs a decent amount, so it's better to take into account all the nuances before buying.

The first thing you need to decide on the shape. Without any fear, you can rely on your own taste for slim and tall girls. They will look good shortened and elongated models, classic fitted or loose waistcoats made of fox fur with a hood. Elegant, but low ladies should choose a shortened version, and emphasize the waist with a thin strap.

Fur fur can be used as a collar finish - this is an excellent solution for the owners of a magnificent bust. Also, the lifestyle and style of a woman can serve as the criteria for choosing the length and style of the vest. Those girls who spend a lot of time behind the wheel or in public transport, should give preference to short models. And in an office setting, a fur waistcoat is longer than the middle of the hip. He is remarkably "friendly" with a strict skirt-pencil and dresses laconic cut.

In addition, it is obvious and one more advantage of vests from fox fur, namely their various color scale. Products can be black, red, gray, white, which allows satisfying the requirements of even the most "capricious" individuals.

With what to wear a fur vest from a fox?

Worried about this and not worth it - a one-piece or a combined vest from a fox will fit into almost any image. On weekdays it can be worn with a blouse, a turtleneck, a warm sweater, tight trousers or jeans. Actually, a combination of fur sleeveless and a thin leather jacket. As a winter ensemble, the stylists recommend a waistcoat made of fox fur that is worn over a drape coat. The finishing touch can serve as boots or ankle boots with high heels, and of course, accessories.

A stylish and beautiful fur sleeveless shirt is a great addition to an evening gown. By the way, in such a composition it is interesting to look a waistcoat made of fox fur with a hood.

How to choose a quality product?

That the waistcoat pleased its owner for a long time, it should be not only beautiful, but also qualitative. As a rule, specialized stores are responsible for the quality of the products offered. However, it is better to look at the product more closely:

  1. Make sure that there are no teardrops on the waistcoat, but the fur is smooth and shiny throughout its length.
  2. If you have hairs on your hands that fall out of the waistcoat, do not hesitate to refrain from buying. Such a product will not last half the time.
  3. It will not be superfluous to make sure of the naturalness of the fur, because to give a decent amount for an artificial fake will, at least, hurt.
  4. Pay attention to the seams and stitches - sticking threads and omissions on quality products are not allowed.
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