Sharon Stone without makeup

Sharon Stone without makeup

Beauty is not subject to time, and a striking example is the world-famous actress Sharon Stone. Stunning Hollywood movie star, who played the main role in the film "Basic Instinct", looks really amazing. Especially if you take into account the age of the film. This amazing woman can keep herself in great shape without the help of plastic and special diets.

Secrets of Beauty by Sharon Stone

Friendly and graceful, and most importantly confident in himself Sharon Stone refers to the natural process of aging with humor and does not hesitate to be in public without makeup. On the contrary, according to the actress, a minimum of cosmetics is one of the secrets of her beauty. Of course, decorative cosmetics is one thing, but this trend does not apply to elementary rules for face and body care.

Sharon Stone, even without cosmetics, looks much better than many young ladies, because he cares about his health and appearance, regularly does massages, relaxing baths, meditates, does not forget to apply moisturizers.

The star to this day remains a sex symbol for many men thanks to its beautiful figure. Sharon Stone claims that she never sat on debilitating diets, and the secret of her beauty and harmony is herbal teas and the absence of bad habits, moderate physical activity and walking.

Sharon Stone photo without makeup

The celebrity has been seen on the street many times without make-up, and always in a good mood. Cheerful and cheerful Sharon Stone, even without makeup, smiles affably at the journalists, not at all worried about the unsuccessful photo without a make-up. That once again proves that the woman obviously does not complex about her natural appearance and even to some extent is proud of her light age wrinkles.

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