Salt abortion

saline abortion

Salt abortion refers to a variety of abortions that are carried out at later stages of pregnancy. In recent years, its use has been limited due to dangerous consequences for the life and health of women. The principle of its conduct is different than that of abortion, conducted by a medicamentous method or by surgical intervention.

Principle of action of a salt abortion

At the beginning of the hydrochloric abortion, the doctor pumped out about two hundred ml of amniotic fluid from the amniotic fluid, then, in place of it, pumped in the same amount of saline. Thus, the child is in a salt solution and dies in a few hours. The causes of death are numerous burns, poisoning, hemorrhage into the brain.

The extraction of a child from the womb, as a rule, takes place one day after the death. Strangely enough, but there are cases in which after an abortion by salt, the child remains alive, but, sadly, remains an invalid. Such children look like scalded with boiling water.

Doctors have been trying not to use this method for many years. To date, the majority of abortions are performed surgically. The child is dismembered, and he has no chance of survival.

Important points

Having decided on such a step, a woman should realize that late pregnancy terms indicate that the child is almost completely formed, and abortion with saline will bring him hellish torment. Some women who experienced this terrible procedure, talked about their feelings after they introduced a solution of salt. So, they argued that the baby begins to practically break out to avoid these terrible torments. In women, this kind of procedure often causes psychological problems. This is not surprising. Abortion is already a trauma to the body and the psyche, and even such a barbarous method, and even more so. It is not necessary at the modern level of medicine and pharmacology to bring the matter to such an inhumane way of aborting the pregnancy.

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