Burdock leaves – useful properties and contraindications

burdock leaves useful properties and contraindications

Burdock (he burdock), many undeservedly prescribed in a group of weeds. But this is unfair, because it contains a real storehouse of valuable substances. And this allows this plant to be actively used in healing. However, before applying burdock leaves, you need to carefully study their useful properties and contraindications.

Therapeutic properties and contraindications of burdock leaves

To understand the useful properties of burdock leaves will help their chemical composition. Here are:

  • resin compounds;
  • alkaloids;
  • vitamins of groups B, C, E and others;
  • aroma oils;
  • glycosides;
  • sitosterol;
  • organic acids;
  • tannins;
  • Sahara;
  • tannin, etc.

Thanks to this amazing composition, fresh leaves of thistle are actively used for burns. For example, if you attach a leaf to the affected area, it will significantly reduce the pain syndrome. In addition, you can grind the burdock leaf into a slurry and apply this mass to the burned body area. This "ointment" has antibacterial and wound-healing effect.

Use of agrimony leaves is recommended for arthrosis. They can be used as a compress. To do this, grease the surface of the leaf plate with olive or other vegetable oil and apply a compress to the diseased part of the body. Excellent performance is provided by hot compresses. It will take 5-6 fresh burdock leaves, which should be given over to freshly boiled water and immediately applied to the diseased area. On top of the leaves with compress paper should be covered and warmed with a woolen kerchief. This procedure is recommended for the night.

When healing, dried peacock leaves can also be used. So, for example, in joint diseases to reduce the pain syndrome and remove inflammation will help water infusion.

The recipe for nausea infusion in joint diseases


  • crushed dry burdock leaf - 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • water - 200 ml.

Preparation and use

The raw material is poured with boiling water and aged for 3-3.5 hours. During this time the larch leaves will give all their valuable substances. Next, tea should be drained and taken 1 hour before meals. spoon. Recommended frequency of admission is 6 times a day.

In addition, the leaf plates of this healing plant can be used in the fight against gout, skin diseases and other ailments. However, there are contraindications to the leaves of burdock. To abstain from such healing is recommended in the following cases:

  • an allergic reaction to one or more of the chemical elements that make up the barnacle leaves;
  • pregnancy;
  • raw materials collected at road or in too polluted terrain, etc.

Moreover, it should be remembered that with prolonged application of burdock leaves, the opposite effect can be observed. In other words, it is by no means possible to abuse such a "medicine".

Therapeutic properties and contraindications of juice from burdock leaves

This remedy is actively used in the healing of the kidneys, as an auxiliary antitumor therapy, in the fight against cysts and other ailments. However, juice from the leaves of burdock and contraindications has. This medicinal liquid is obtained as follows: the raw material is washed, lightly dried and minced using a meat grinder. Then juice is squeezed out of this mass. In the summer, when the agrimony leaves are fresh, juice is best used freshly prepared. For treatment in the winter, the juice will have to be "preserved".

Recipe for "canned" mug juice


  • medical alcohol - 100 ml;
  • natural honey - 500 ml;
  • burdock leaves medicinal properties and contraindications

  • juice from burdock leaves - 500 ml.

Preparation and use

The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and the ready infusion is poured into a container of dark glass. Next, the container is tightly sealed and sent to the refrigerator. Shelf life of such a drug is 2 years.

The scheme of healing depends primarily on the disease. So, for example, in the treatment of the liver to drink a drug should be 1 tbsp. spoon before eating. For 1 course of treatment you will need a liter of such medicine.

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